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India largest & trusted Extruders Company:

Twin Screw Extruders (TSE) are designed for higher dispersion, mixing and compounding in Polymer processing and has expanded into other applications for new material development.

TSE offers a high level of process flexibility, more control of process parameters, and can produce a wider range of products. Being a continuous mixing process where a base matrix and multiple additives are transformed into a new compound, TSE has benefits for multiple Products beyond traditional Polymer processing such as:

Extraordinary Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruders empowers the art of plastic extrusion technology.

Since 1996, Specific Engineering & Automats has commissioned more than 230 sets of Twin Screw Extruders with us in-house made Screws, Barrels and Gearboxes to the worldwide users. In conjunction with prompt after sales, maintenance and key components replacement services. Specific equipment performs mechanical properties in precision, stability and sustainability to reward the users.

Using our Twin Screw Extruders, we are comprehensively capable to customize the equipment eligible for processing Plastic materials varieties of Engineering Plastics.