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Catalyst Pellet Extruders

Ammonia Refinery Zeolites Sulphuric Zeolites & Adsorbents

SPECIFIQ Extruders are designed to meet customized and Higapplicationsh Industrial standards, Metallurgy of all components of Extruders configured for processing highly abrasive Catalyst materials. World class surface treatments like Tungsten Carbide coating on the surface of Screw for long life, Double agitator provided on the both of side main Screw to avoid bridging. Dosing Feeders (Pug Mill) provided for synchronized feeding to Extruder, this unit will increase the life of Extruder (Reducing abrasion due to synchronized feed to extruder) also eliminates jamming and accidents. Screw designed to develop pressure in line to make pellets compact (void free pellets) and polished surface finish.

Pelletizers are attached for cutting dry pellets in required length and AC Motor & AC drives for operating variable speed to adjust the length of pellets. Dies are detachable designed these dies holding plate made of special stainless steel grade and detachable inserts made of high performance Polymers to reduce the cost of consumable Dies. Apart from this special steel grade stainless steel dies also available.

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Quick Features:

  • High Torque Extruder design to meet high thrust load developed during extrusion.
  • Detachable segmented Barrels and Barrel Liners to avoid down time and to reduce replacement cost.
  • Liquid cooling circuit for barrels to control friction Heat.
  • Dosing Feeders (Pug Mill) for synchronized feeding to extruder to avoid abrasion and jamming of screw.
  • Detachable die design combination of Steel and High performance polymer to reduce the cost of consumable die Inserts, Different shape of dies like: Cylindrical, Hollow, Bi-Lobe, Tri -Lobe, Quadra lob Etc.
  • High Performance stainless steel (special Grade) developed to meet long life of screw
  • Surface Treatment of Tungsten carbide for long life of screw


Model RX-50 (2”) RX-80 (3”) RX-115 (5”) RX-175 (7”) RX-200(8”)


5-15 Kg/hour 100-175 Kg/hour 200-400 Kg/hour 500-1200 Kg/hour 700-1800 Kg/hour

Motor Power (KW)HP

3.25Kw/ 5Hp 11Kw/15Hp 18.5Kw /25Hp 55Kw/75Hp 100Kw/125Hp

Layout L x H x W

W18 X L:36 X H: 20 W22 X L:42 X H: 24 W24 X L:44 X H: 24 W 38 X L:42X H: 30 W42 X L:44 X H: 32