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 ZV series High speed/High torque models utilize special twin screw geometry depending upon product, flow rate and types of material.
Engineering polymers & Thermo plastics
Polymer blends and alloying
Masterbatches & Toner
Filler compounding
Food and Pharma
The ZV series design incorporates the industry standard 1.55 Do/Di ratio allowing customers to take advantage of the value proposition without shouldering the high costs of qualifying new process section geometry.

The 1.55 Do/Di ratio is optimized for torque and free volume. This design feature provides maximum capacity for those applications limited by available horsepower and/or free volume (i.e. those applications feeding low bulk density powder) for a given screw diameter.

For High Dispersion for masterbatches & filled compounds, Homogeneous mixing & optimum low shear for engineering polymer used variety of Screw Elements.

Super conveying undercut elements
Starve feeding elements
Single flight conveying elements
Compression elements
Kneading element right 45º
Kneading element left
Kneading element natural
Kneading element right 30º
Reverse pumping left

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