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Twin screw extruders for Food Industry

Ready to eat Food & Pet food

Plant based protein

Cereals and snack food

Pet food & fish food

From material transfer of your ingredients, to atomization of your batch weighing process for majors, minors and micros, to extrusion of your snack food or cereals, Specific team can provide the optimal process solution. Specific provides snack food and cereal ingredients Extruder that fulfil the highest demands in hygiene, easy cleaning and gentle product handling.

SPECIFIC highly efficient, wear-resistant Twin Screw Extruders are used for the production of various cereal and snack food types including cold formed pellets for flaked cereal, puffed cereals, as well as direct expanded and coextruded cereals and snacks. Products and ingredients may include: flaked cereal, puffed cereals, puffed snacks, pillow snacks, muesli, trail mix or party mix, flatbreads, popcorn, salt and seasonings for coating snack foods, corn meal, grains (including corn, wheat, oats, rice and barley), various nuts and flours.

Cereals & Snacks Food:

Our breakfast cereal production systems offer you flexibility, efficiency, longevity and optimized energy use. Adjustable degrees of automation right up to fully automatic production ensure a high level of operating reliability and optimal production control.

All of our process steps meet the highest standards of food safety. We operate worldwide, providing fast service and spare parts on all continents.

Machines are designed for

  • Multigrain Flakes
  • Corn Flakes
  • Expandable Foods

The most important goal is the creation of a complete diet with the highest feed conversion rate, providing a healthy and easily digestible diet for fish. At the same time, the feed must maintain its shape and texture in water and be durable for transport and storage reasons.

We can help you with the entire process. From blending, mixing and, extruding, shaping, drying and coating/cooling, our experts can tailor an aqua feed solution to meet your specific needs.

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Pet Food

Our innovative machines and systems produce pet foods in high precision size, shape and moisture content of the product are in exact compliance with client specifications, including fresh meat. Our extrusion processes are strictly results-oriented, aimed at providing you with the highest standards of pet food quality and a significant reduction in production costs.

Advance Key Features:

  • Equipment, feeders and components provide highest hygienic standards, easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Food Extruders ensure highest TVP and HMMA product quality and maximum flexibility in production
  • Most accurate and safe delivery of raw ingredients to the extruder
  • Recipe development
  • Highly efficient manufacturing process
  • Corrosion resistance and wear resistance steel technology