Wide range of Twin Screw Extruders for Plastics Compounds:

  • Master-batches
  • Additive Master Batches
  • Colour concentrate
  • Filled Thermoplastics
  • Reinforced Thermoplastics
  • PET Master Batches
  • Engineering Polymers PA6, PA66, PBT, PC, ABS…
  • Bio Polymers PLA, PBAT, PVA (Compostable)
  • Alloys PC / ABS, ABS / Polysulphone, PVC / ABS, Polyphenylene oxide / HIPS,
  • FR Compounds, Natural Fibres & Aramid Fibre compounds
  • High performance Engineering Polymers - PEEK, PEAK, PES….
  • PVC & HFFR PVC Compounding
  • Reinforced and Glass & Mineral filled
  • PE Battery separators compounds
  • TPE & Silicon
  • Hot melt Adhesive Compounding
  • Master batches

  • Engineering compounds

  • Biodegradable compounds

  • HFFR Compounds


Master batches Engineering Polymers Biodegradables TPU EVA High performance Engineering Polymers, Alloys, FR Compounds, Reinforced Thermoplastics, PVC & HFFR, PVC Compounding, TPE Silicon, TPU, EVA, SBES & Customised applications, etc.

Advance Features

  • High specific torque up to 15 Nmcm3
  • High Do-Di ratio 1:62
  • Abrasion resistance (WR Grade) Steel
  • Modular segmented Screw Elements
  • Liquid cooled Barrel circuit for precise temperature control
  • Rapid action auto safety Torque Limiter Clutch disengages on exceeding load
  • Higher loading of Glass, Aramid & Minerals
  • Gravimetric Feeders for precise loading
  • Application based Screw geometry for better dispersion & excellent mechanical properties
  • Touch Screen TFT Microprocessor controls with data recordings
  • High end electronic interlocking for safety
  • Energy efficient

High Torque Twin Screw Extruders Selection Chart:

ALPHA ZV20 ZV30 ZV40 ZV50 ZV62 ZV72 ZV90

Output kg./hr

0.5-15 20-50 75-250 75-350 125-450 175-550 250-750

Screw Diameter (mm)

20 30 42 50 62 72 90

Effective L/D ratio

18-52 18-50 18-52 18-52 18-52 18-52 18-52

Motor Power (kW)

5.5 22/30 45/55 55/75 90/110 160/180 225/350

Advisable processing length for different plastics of Screw & Barrel (retention time)

Compounds Colour & UV MB Carbon Black PET MB High Filler MB Loading Above 70% Engineering compounds ABS, PA, PC, PBT, PP SAN, HIPS PEEK PS EVA TPU TPR SBES & PE SAPERATOR PVC HFFR Two Stages Bio Compostable

Effective L/D ratio

44 48 48-52 40 48 36 & 12

Two stage Twin Screw & Single Screw combo line for PVC & HFFR

Halogen free flame retardant (HFFR), low smoke zero halogen (LSOH), low smoke and fume (LSF) compounds are used extensively in the cable insulation. These compounds are generally based on polyethylene or co-polymers of polyethylene with the addition of mineral fillers to impart flame retardant properties.

PVC Compounds for Cable:

Polyvinyl Chloride is the third-most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer, after polyethylene and polypropylene. It is produced by polymerization of the vinyl chloride monomer.

PVC biological and chemical resistance and workability have resulted in it being used for a wide variety of applications.

First stage is co-rotating Twin Screw Extruder for dispersion and distribution. The second stage is Single Screw Extruder for cooling and pelletizing.

Model Diameter (mm) Max. Speed (rpm) L/D Ratio Motor (Kw) Output (Kg/hr)

ALPHA ZV-50-150

50/150 500/80 36 & 44/8 75/45 150-300

ALPHA ZV-62-180

62/180 500/80 36 & 44/8 110/55 150-400

ALPHA ZV-72-200

72/200 500/80 36 & 44/8 125/75 300-700

Twin Screw Extruders for Plastic Recycling:

Twin Screw Extruders and Two Stage Extruders (Mother Baby) are designed especially for recycling Polymers generated from different Industries like: Automobile, Electricals, Home appliances, Electronics etc. Components shredded in to small size, passed through metal arrestor machine and finally feed in to Extruder which is incorporating filter unit to ensure contamination free compounds. Apart from this high standard Vacuum Pump system are incorporated to remove volatiles & moisture to make pellets compact.

High Torque Twin Screw Extruders Technical data:

ALPHA ZV20 ZV30 ZV40 ZV50 ZV62 ZV72 ZV90

Output kg/hr

0.5-15 10-50 50-150 75-250 100-350 150-550 250-750

Screw Diameter (mm)

20 30 42 50 62 72 90

Effective L/D ratio

18-48 18-48 18-48 18-48 18-48 18-48 18-48

Motor Power (kW)

5.5 22/30 45/55 55/75 90/110 160/180 225/250

Lab R&D Twin Screw Extruder lines:

Simplify your processing and QC procedures with Specific scale-up Extruders and compounders. We produce a versatile range of Twin Screw Extruders with customizable options to fit the demanding and evolving environments of research, development, production, and quality control Polymer applications.

  • Master Batches
  • Bio degradable (compostable) PLA, PBAT, PVA
  • Additive Master Batches
  • FR Compounds & Glass Mineral Compounds
  • Alloys
  • PET & PET Master batches
  • Engineering Polymers PA6 / 66, ABS, PC, PBT.
  • High Performance Engineering Polymers - PEEK, PEAK, PES.

Advanced Features:

  • Modular Screw allows flexibility to process variety of Polymers
  • Wear Resistance metallurgy for Screw Elements & Barrels for Long life
  • High Vacuum suction Pump to devolatilise
  • Equal Heat Mass distribution for precise thermal effect
  • Precise Heating & Liquid cooling to save Polymer thermal degradation
  • Variable speed of Screw to control retention time of Polymers
  • Pressure interlocks for better mixing and higher dispersion at low shear
  • Touch Screen & PLC controls with data recording facility for records
  • Scale-up pilot plant of production compounder easily
  • Easy to clean during colour and compound changeover with self-cleaning design
  • High performance metallurgy used for wear resistance and better performance
  • Screw geometry is modular to meet variety of applications
  • High torque design to handle high performance Polymers like PEEK, PEAK, PES etc.