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Screw Shafts
High Torque / Tensile Shafts
All ZV Series twin screw extruders are available with Hot Forging high tensile steel, for instant impact hot die steel is used to take high torque. These durable shafts are the benchmark for performance throughout, ZV Series extruder Screw shafts are of Involutes’ spline at 30° and length design as per L/D ratio of machine.
Barrels / Liners
Barrels are manufactured using tool alloy steel and inner liner coated with 3 mm tungsten carbide layer for high wear resistance for abrasive plastics and minerals like Nylon, PC, Poly-acetal, Glass fiber, Calcium, Titanuim etc. Specifically designed with force liquid cooling circuit (close loupe circuit) and Ground Finished for high-speed wear resistance. All barrels are interchangeable and inner liners are replaceable.

High wear resistance liners (Sleeves)
Sleeves are replaceable on being damaged
All barrels are interchangeable
Individual barrels have close loupe circuit

Screw Elements
High wear- resistance steel used for screw elements for highly abrasive plastics and minerals and treated with world’s advance technology like Vacuum hardening, Plasma nit- riding and cryogenic. ZV series have variety of elements for conveying, Mixing, Dispersing, Distributing, Feeding, reverse pumping etc.

Volumetric Feeder
Our expertise also lies in manufacturing volumetric feeder for feeding granules, chips, powder and dove. Feeders are Equipped with agitator for smooth conveying. The contact parts are manufactured using non-corrosive steel SS304; these are closely monitored & controlled through AC inverters. The wide range of feeders is available in Auger, Spiral and Twin screw.

Twin Screw Side Feeder
Our wide range also includes Side Feeder for feeding minerals like glass, calcium, and other mineral with force from side to main line. The Feeder has high DO-DI Volume & efficiency output and is controlled through AC inverter. These co rotating / counter rotating twin-screw side feeders are specifically designed to handle the higher rates and to achieve the required objective of extrusion.

Cast Heaters
ZV series come with Aluminum cast heaters for temp range up to 300° Degree C and above this Brass heater are provided for high temperature materials. Mass distribution calculated for constant and equal heating.

Torque Limiter Couplings
Overload safety clutch, when machine exceed to torque capacity, torque coupling immediately disengage from connection and when load removed from system it will automatically engaged.cap range 50N m to 4000 N.

Vacuum Pump Unit
Degassing plays very important role in compounding available in oil ring and water ring both systems can achieve 710 mm of Hg system design to catch fumes, moisture and volatiles. Backed- up by catching tank intermediate between pump and extruder for storing waste during suction.

Air Knife
Air Knives are used for removing excess water on stands. The air knives are specifically designed to improve plant efficiency, reduce operating costs, and enhance product quality through design which is having top and bottom air flow and suction. Further, these has inbuilt water classifier and an adjustable strand guide module which can rotate at required angle.

Strand Rotary Pelletisers
Our range of Rotary Pelletizer is available with rotary cutter of HSS, cemented carbide and Flexible wedge lock and fix cutter of cemented Carbide. Manufactured using SS grade steel; all the contact parts are corrosion resistance. The variable speed of the machine is controlled through reduction helical gearbox and AC inverter.

Further, fix cutter movement of the machine is adjustable thus, helping in close cutting. The top roller of the machine is controlled through Pneumatic pressure and the bottom-pulling roller beside, being closely controlled is manufactured using hardened stainless steel. Suitable for engineering plastics, Glass filled products and other hard polymers.

Water ring die face Pelletisers
These are used for soft material cutting like: LD, HDPE & PP plastics where mineral percentages are high like Calcium, Talc, titanium and carbon and other products like master batches, EVA, XLPE. Specifically designed, these are available with water classifiers to remove surface water contents from granules and cyclones to remove moisture. Cutter motor controlled through AC Inverter.
We also supply the parts for machines manufactured by the following companies.
Werner & Pfleiderer
Koperian Keya
Japan Steel Works JSW
Fressia Macross

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